Airlines that Visit Canada

One thing that you are never going to be short of if you are thinking of visiting Canada is a large range of different airline to get you there, however not only are there long haul carriers that do offer daily services to Canada you will also find plenty of internal flight too.

Keep in mind however that Canada does have some fairly hefty air passenger related taxes and charges, and what many people tend to do is to land and take off in the USA and then travel by land to their destination if where they are visiting is near to the US-Canada border!

Ok, let us now start naming some of the many different airlines that do offer flights to and from Canada, the first is Air Canada who are of course the national flag carrier and there are some other major airlines you should consider using such as, Harbour Air and both British Airways and Air Transat.

You will also find you can fly into quite a number of different Canadian Provinces using United, Air China and EL AL Israel Airlines plus you will also find other airlines such as Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines, ANA (All Nippon Airways), KLM, TAP Portugal, Royal Air  and also American Airlines, Aeromexico and China Eastern flights.

For some much further afield destination or take off locations you should also consider using Delta, Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, Air France and both SAS flights and Jet Airways. Be aware that the cost of a flight to and/or from Canada can and will fluctuate and it is often the best policy to book your flights well in advance of your day of travel to benefit from the lowest possible prices.


We think you will be amazed at just how low the ticket prices for travel on a plane to Canada will be if you are not only prepared to shop around but also visit Canada and one of the quieter times of the year, so do consider doing so to allow your holiday budget to stretch as far as it can!

If you do want to travel in comfort then try and pick one of the Canadian airlines that have the new Airbus planes or the new Boeing Dreamliners, as they have a fresh new look and design and plenty of room for you to stretch your legs out in your allocated plane seat too!

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have as much information as is possible to ensure that you fully know just which airlines visit Canada and to round off this guide we shall now be answering a range of different questions that many people do want to know about visiting Canada by air.

One thing that you should also consider if you are about to book a flight into any Canadian airport is that it will be dependent on when you visit as to how long the queues will be at the immigration desks at any Canadian airports, so try and plan a trip when they are not going to be too busy and when those queues will be the longest!

Which Cities Have the Most Airports in Canada?

In regards to just which cities in Canada you are going to find the most airports available those will be the towns, cites and provinces that have the highest population rates. As such the answer to that question is places such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary as they have by far and away the biggest populations of any cities that are in Canada, each city does however have plenty of visitor attractions if you are planning on visiting any of them.

Where Can I Find Low Cost Plane Tickets?

You will find local travel agents in Canada can often have some very low cost plane tickets on offer. We would therefore suggest that you take a look at The Globe and Mail newspaper as by doing so you will find thanks to the very large circulation of that particular newspaper you can often find some excellent bargains to be had, and that is exactly what you should be always looking for of course!

What Else Should I Know About Canada?

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We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

I Want to Go Somewhere Quiet In Canada Where Should I Go?

If you do want to go somewhere nice and quiet on any up and coming trip or visit to Canada then one of the places we can highly recommend is the Aulavik National Park in the Northwest Territories. There is however lots of other National Parks in Canada that you can visit depending on just which part of the country you are visiting so do some research on each of them to find one local to where you are going.