Average House Prices in Canada

You may be planning on moving home if you are living anywhere in Canada or you may be considering moving to Canada from another country, and if so one important aspect of your move is going to be the current state of the housing market!

With that in mind below you are going to find the average cost of house in many different Canadian Cities, and as such by reading though this guide you are going to get a good idea of which are the most expensive parts of Canada to buy a home.

In Vancouver, BC the average price of a house is $1,008,000 and as such that is the most expensive city in Canada you can choose to live! The second most expensive city to live in Canada currently is Toronto, and a house there will cost you on average $710,000!

Over in Calgary, Alb the average price of a house is $469,000 and as such that is the most third most expansive city in Canada and the fourth most expensive city in Canada in regards to buying a home is  Ottawa, as the average house prices there is $374,000.

If you are thinking of moving to Montreal, the average price of a house is $349,000 and the sixth most expensive city in Canada in regards to buying a home is Regina, in regards to buying a home is Ottawa, on as the average house prices there is $315,000.

One place that does have some relative low priced homes is Halifax, NS and if that is somewhere you do fancy moving to and living and you wish to buy a home there the average price of a house there is $293,000, somewhere else to consider moving to is Fredericton if you are on a strict budget for that city has an average house price of a much more modest $182,000.


Much like every other country on the planet, Canada did of course suffer from the crash of 2008 and as such the house prices throughout Canada did drop however there have been some major signs of recovery in regards to general house prices all over Canada.

However there are still going to be some bargains to be had, and if you are prepared to shop around and keep your options open in regards to where to live in Canada you could snap up a low priced house in many Canadian Provinces.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be some questions that you may still be looking or the answers to in regards to the average house prices in Canada or even simply moving to Canada and maybe starting a new live there, and if so then please do read on.

What we have done below is put together some of the most frequently and most commonly asked questions about Canada as a whole that we think you are going to find helpful, once you have of course read the answers to each of those questions listed below!

Where are The Quieter Places to Visit in Canada?

There are some cities that are much quieter than others if you do want somewhere quite to live in Canada. As such you will be much better off looking at places that have a much lower population, and with that in mind a few places that are worth considering include North Vancouver, Welland, North Bay, Belleville and of course Mirabel as each of them have very a low number of people living there.

What Canadian Customs and Traditions are there?

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How Can I Find Lots of Houses For Sale?

The local newspaper is often the best place to find lots of houses in your price range that are currently up for sale in Canada. We would therefore suggest that you take a look at the Toronto Star newspaper as by doing so you will find thanks to the very large circulation of that particular newspaper you can often find some excellent bargains to be had, and that is exactly what you should be always looking for of course!

How Can I Get To Canada?

Should you wish to pay a visit to Canada to scout out just which are the best areas to live in then make sure you arrive at one of the airports that offer lots of connecting internal flights. If you want to find an airport that is likely to offer flights to and from most countries and cities of the world then you should consider flying both into and out of Toronto Pearson International Airport as that is one of the busiest airports in Canada and is the hub for a huge number of flights each day of the week.