Benefits of Living in Canada

There are going to be many benefits if you do want to move to Canada based on just where it is you are currently living and residing, however please do read through the following guide to find out just how well Canada compares with where you are currently living.

In regards to the average income earned by Canadian citizens that figure is quite high and respectable at some US$28,194 , which is higher than the average earning of many other countries so that may be reason alone for you to consider moving to Canada!

Many people are looking for a nice place to live with a good community feel, and it has been discovered that all Canadians spend two minutes a day volunteering, which when you add it up over a year is a fair amount of time to donate to their favourite charitable cause!

You may be considering just how many Canadians are happy and contented with their housing, and with that in mind we are happy to let you know that 9 in 10 Canadians have stated that they are satisfied with their housing

The environment is something you may be worried or you may have concerns about and if that is the case then we are pleased to let you know that Canada is ranked 14th on pollution and 12th on water quality. That figure is also reflected well in the life expectancy at birth of Canadians and the average life expectancy is high at 81 years of age!

In regards to personal safety it has been reported that just 1.3% of Canadians said they were assaulted in any one single year and also most Canadians work an average a total of just 1,702 hours per year too!


If you have been thinking of moving to Canada then now is a good time to start doing some serious research for with the economy growing stronger you will find there are plenty of business opportunities waiting for you and the job market is much stronger now.

However, as part of your reach you will have to weigh up the pros and cons of moving to Canada for you will need to know in which Province you are likely to enjoy living and also which jobs and housing opportunities there will be available in each Province too.

Frequently Asked Questions

One thing that is guaranteed however is that there are going to be lots of different benefits of living in Canada when you compare Canada to some other countries of the world and apply to live there is not as difficult as you may have through it would be.

The final part of this guide will be answering a range of different questions to help you make up your mind as to whether you should move to Canada, and as such please do read on and feel free to make use of some of our additional guides, articles and news stories about Canada too!

Which Places Are Not As Busy to Move to in Canada?

There are of course some very quiet and secludes places you will be able to move to or visit in Canada. As such you will be much better off looking at places that have a much lower population, and with that in mind a few places that are worth considering include North Vancouver, Welland, North Bay, Belleville and of course Mirabel as each of them have very a low number of people living there.

What Else Should I Know About Canada?

There are lots of additional guides and articles that we just know you are going to find very interesting dotted around our website, and one that may just be of interest to you is our How Does Canada Compare to the USA article which we invite you to read through.

We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

Which Cell Phone Air Time Provider Should I Use in Canada?

Much like any other country, there are going to be plenty of different air time providers if you do decide to move to Canada that you can choose to use the services of. One Canadian airtime provider that you may be interested in using is Rogers Communications, however keep in mind that as an overseas mobile or cell phone user you may have to pay roaming charges, and as such it may be beneficial for you to latch onto free Wi-Fi connections when you can do!

Which Banks Can I Open an Account at?

There are going to be lots of banks at which you can open an account if you are thinking of buying a house in Canada. One of the biggest banks in Canada that you may be interested in using is the Royal Bank of Canada, once you do move to Canada you should be able to open up an account at your local branch fairly easily, however you will of course need to take all of the usual identification documents to prove your identity when opening up such an account.