Biggest Lakes in Canada

There are lots of huge vast lakes in Canada and it is with that in mind as part of our ongoing series of guides and articles we have compiled the following one that is going to be introducing you to the biggest lakes in Canada.

The biggest lake in Canada is one that you may have already heard of and that is Lake Superior which is 82,100 km2 (31,700 sq mi) in size and really is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Canada so do try and do so.

The second biggest lake in Canada is Lake Huron               and the size of this lake is 59,600 km2 (23,000 sq mi) km2 in size and it is certainly worth visiting if you are nearby. Moving onto the third biggest lake in Canada that is of course Great Bear Lake and the size of this lake is 31,328 km2 (12,096 sq mi) in size.

The fourth biggest lake you may be interested in visiting if you are ever visiting Canada is Great Slave Lake and the size of this lake is 28,568 km2 (11,030 sq mi) in size, and as such it is one of the bigger lakes in Canada.

If you are wondering which is the fifth biggest lake in Canada then that is Lake Erie and the size of this lake is 25,700 km2 (9,900 sq mi) in size and many people do pay a visit to that lake when visiting Canada.

Let us now introduce you to the sixth biggest lake in Canada and this lake is of course Lake Winnipeg and the size of this lake is 24,387 km2 (9,416 sq mi) in size. The seventh biggest lake in Canada is Lake Ontario and the size of this lake is 18,960 km2 (7,320 sq mi) in size.

The net few biggest lakes in Canada are Lake Athabasca, Reindeer Lake, Smallwood Reservoir, Nettilling Lake, Lake Winnipegosis, Lake Nipigon         and Lake Manitoba.


If you are planning a trip to visit lakes in Canada then keep in mind that due to the sheer size of Canada you may have to do a lot of travelling around to visit as many of them as you want to and some of them may not be as accessible as you may have hoped they would be.

However, please do keep in mind that due to the popularity of many of the lakes in and around Canada you will find there are quite a number of tour companies who do specialize in holidays and vacations to the great lakes of Canada and it may be worthwhile signing up to one of them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do consider paying a visit to look at and experience the delights of the biggest lakes in Canada, but as we are sure you are going to have some additional questions about doing so we have put together this final section of this guide that we suggest you read through.

Below we have put together a range of questions and their respective answers that anyone who is thinking of visiting Canada should find of great interest, and remember the cost of getting to Canada is very low if you plan your trip well in advance!

How Can I Find Out More About Canada?

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We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

I want a Top Class Hotel Where Should I Stay?

Many people who intend on visiting lakes and anywhere else in Canada will opt to stay at a five stay hotel. One of the very best rated hotels that you may be interested in visiting and staying in is the Rosewood Hotel in Georgia, however keep in mind that due to its very high rating the room rates will be much higher than if you choose to stay at a lower rated hotel in this city.

Will I Get a Mobile Signal When Visiting the Great Lakes?

The mobile companies in Canada have gone to great lengths to ensure that vast areas of the country are covered by a mobile signal. One Canadian airtime provider that you may be interested in using is Telus Communications, however keep in mind that as an overseas mobile or cell phone user you may have to pay roaming charges, and as such it may be beneficial for you to latch onto free Wi-Fi connections when you can do!

Where Can I Experience Natural Beauty in Canada

If you want to experience the sheer natural beauty of Canada on any up and coming trip or visit to Canada then one of the places we can highly recommend is the Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario. There is however lots of other National Parks in Canada that you can visit depending on just which part of the country you are visiting so do some research on each of them to find one local to where you are going.