Canadian Holiday and Vacation Resorts

If you are thinking of planning a holiday or a vacation and you want to visit Canada as part of that vacation then you may be wondering just which are the very best holiday resorts to visit, and it is with that in mind that we have compiled the following guide. Below you will find some of the best ranked holiday resorts in Canada as voted for by real visitors to those resorts.

One of the top ranked holiday resorts in Canada is the Knight Inlet Lodge in fact that holiday resort is ranked number one in Glendale Cove and when visiting there you will see plenty of Bears, Bald Eagles and Marine Mammals!

Another resort that has been highly ranked by real holidaymakers is the Four Seasons Resort and Residences that resort it located in Whistler and comes highly recommended as a five star resort by a lot of people.

The Sonora Resort is located on Sonora Island and as such if you are seeking peace and tranquillity on your next up and coming holiday or vacation then that is certainly one place to visit and visit often. One of the more reasonable priced vacation resorts in Canada is the Fairmont Banff Springs, being an all inclusive resort you will not have to worry about cooking your meals or where you will be eating them.

Another value packed but none the less highly ranked holiday resort in Canada is the White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa, many people who have stayed at this resort report that they love the tranquillity and the inclusivity of the venue and often return time and time again as they like it so much!

One final resort that may people have been raving about over the year is the Copper Point Resort, we would urge you to checkout their website to find out why they are often the number one ranked resort by many of their visitors as it will become very apparent when then you do so.


There are always going to be lots of things for you to do in Canada however as any people have never been before what we would suggest you do is to first take a look at the Canadian Tourist Board via their website as it will enlighten you the best places for you to visit depending on what you are looking to do when you get there.

When you do arrive in Canada keep in mind that there will also be lots of places you can visit for leaflets and brochures in which you will finds special offers and also find full details of what attractions to visit and when they are open, so do try and ensue you always have a packed schedule of things to do as there really is so much to see and do there!

Frequently Asked Questions

There will always be people looking for some low cost or even premier rate Canadian holiday and vacation resorts and we hope you have found this article of use, however if you have any additional questions then please spend a few more moments reading through this final section of this guide.

What you may also need to consider  if you do want to visit Canada during the school holidays for example, is that a lot of the resorts if not all of them will hike their prices when they know they are going to be at their busiest, so perhaps you should consider visiting at another time of the year!

How Can I Find a Cheap Canadian Holiday?

Never forget to check out local travel agents when you do want a cut price holiday deal if you live in Canada. We would therefore suggest that you take a look at The Gazette newspaper as by doing so you will find thanks to the very large circulation of that particular newspaper you can often find some excellent bargains to be had, and that is exactly what you should be always looking for of course!

Is Free Wi-Fi Available at Most Hotels and Resorts?

If a free Wi-Fi service is not on offer at your chosen hotel or holiday resort, which will be rare, you can always use your mobile phone as there are many air time provider sin Canada to pick and choose from. One Canadian airtime provider that you may be interested in using is Shaw Communications, however keep in mind that as an overseas mobile or cell phone user you may have to pay roaming charges, and as such it may be beneficial for you to latch onto free Wi-Fi connections when you can do!

In Which Towns Have More Holiday Companies?

You are always going to find many more holiday companies and travel agencies in the towns, cites and provinces that have the highest population rates will have the largest and widest range of them available and on offer. As such the answer to that question is places such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary as they have by far and away the biggest populations of any cities that are in Canada, each city does however have plenty of visitor attractions if you are planning on visiting any of them.

What Canadian Customs and Traditions are there?

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