If you are a fan of gambling but it is casino games that you enjoy playing the most, then the following guide will enlighten you on the pros and cons of gambling in Canada and beyond, and with that in mind please to spend as much time as you require reading through this guide in its entirety!

Let us first start by letting you know just what types of casino game you are going to be able to play in Canada either at home on your cell phones or even if you pay a visit to a land based casino. There are of course lots of individual casino games you an access in each different playing environment, however we will concentrate on letting you know about the ain game categories and not individual games!

Types of Casino Games Canadian Players Can Play Anywhere

Before we start letting you know of the main different casino game types you can play anywhere these days, keep in mind it will be important that you pick a casino game to play that above all else will allow you to put into play stake levels that are chosen by you.

By being able to alter and adjust the coin and chop level depending on the type of games you choose to play, you will then be able to play them at affordable stake levels and not stake levels that your casino game playing bankroll will not be able to sustain for any amount of time!

Slot Machines – You will find literally thousands upon thousands of different types of slot machines to play, however if you want a simple type of playing session then opt to play the three reel classic slots, however if you want the maximum fun and entertainment out of your slot playing sessions opt to play video slot games such as slots designed by WMS Gaming or slot machines manufactured by IGT!

Video Poker Games – There is a very fine art in regards to spotting the best video poker games to play for you will need to study the pay tables to find which variants offer the highest possible payout percentages but you will then also need to play off the base hand that is dealt out to you perfectly to be able to achieve those long term expected RTP’s over your long term play!

Card Games – There are casino poker game you can play some of which offers special side bets offering all manner of different valued bonus winning payouts. However, for the best chance of winning you will be best advised to steer your gaming session towards players very low house edge card games such as Blackjack and/or Baccarat games.

Table Games –There are many different games that make up the table game category however tow of the most played casino table games are Craps and also Roulette, when you set about playing Roulette make sure the variant you play is the single zero variant for that has a much lower house edge than the house edges attached to the double zero variant, which by the way goes by the name of the American Roulette game!

Getting Playing Value from Your Bankroll

One very important aspect of gambling in or at any casino venue of casino site is that you need to ensure you are getting the maximum value from your bankroll. One of the very best ways you will always ensure you are getting lots of additional rewards and extras is by singing up to a casino comp or loyalty scheme and getting yourself a players card when visiting and gambling in a land based casino venue.

If you are unsure how players cards, casino comp clubs and casino loyalty schemes work and operate then please do spend a few minutes watching the following video presentation, for it will explain to you in full detail just how a casino comp club works and how you will get the many additional benefits when you join up to one of them.

Be aware that if you make what is often a very wise decision of choosing to gamble online or on a mobile device then you are going to be literally showered with all manner of unique and exclusive bonus offers depending on just which casino site you sign up to and gamble at.

Be aware though that one very important aspect of claiming online casino bonuses is being able to spot the ones that will give you the very best value, and as such what we recommend any online or mobile casino players do is to read through all of the terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus they like the look of and may be about to claim.

By doing so you will then be able to judge for yourself whether that casino bonus is as generous as it may first appear, if not then simply do not claim them and look elsewhere for much more generous casino bonus offers instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

As you are going to be able to gamble at home on your home computers or laptops, or out and about when you are using a mobile or cell phone or even in person by visiting a land based casino, you are bound to have quite a number of questions relating to gambling that you will be looking for the answers to.

It is with that in mind in this find section of our Canadian casino player’s guide we are going to be answering lots of different casino related questions that we just know many players in Canada will be seeking the answers to, so please read on and educate yourself, as a knowledgeable gambler is always going to be a savvy gambler!

Do I Have to Pay Tax on Casino Winnings When in the USA?

Whilst it is a legal requirement for US citizens to declare all of their gambling winnings, if you are a Canadian citizen and you pay a visit to any US State and win when gambling there, you are exempt from paying taxes on your winnings.

Be aware that if you have been forced to pay tax when being paid out for example a hand pay when playing slot machines then you are able to claim back those USA achieved gambling taxes, and that is something you should do, for the US Government will take a fair old chunk of those winnings and keep them if you do not claim them back!

Which are the Best Casino Games to Play?

There are two main categories of games that you will find available to you in most casinos, the first are card and table games, and if you are wondering just which games in that category are going to be the very best ones to play then simply look for the casino games that have the lowest house edge attached to them!

The other main category are gaming machines which can and do include games such as slot machines and video poker machines, and when playing any of the games that make up that category the very best games for you to play are the slot machines with the highest payout percentages or the video poker machines with the highest payout percentages too.

How Variable are Casino Game Staking Options?

You will find that most casino games will give you the player the ability of setting either the coin value settings yourself or you can set the chip values yourself too. However, make sure the games you do choose to play are going to enable you to play for a stake level that is affordable based on just how much cash you have set aside to play your chosen casino games with!

Which Casino Games Have the Biggest Jackpots on Offer?

Whilst casino games such as table games and card games rarely have the biggest valued jackpots on offer, what you should be aiming to play if you do want the very best chances of winning are playing any game that has one or more progressive jackpots attached and on offer on them.

Be aware that some games will require you to play them in a certain way of for a certain stake amount to have any chance of winning a life changing jackpot, but when you do play them that way you do always have a chance of winning those ever growing and often millionaire making jackpot payouts!

When is the Best Time to Visit a Casino?

It will be dependent on how you like casinos to be in regards to the very best time to visit them if you like to have the pick of the games then pick midweek days to visit those venues, however if you like very busy casinos then visit them over the weekend.

However, keep in mind if you visit at the quieter days of the week or even off season then you will often find plenty of generous promotional offers are up and running when you visit!