Cost of Cars in Canada

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In the following guide we are going to be taking a look at the average cost of buying a car in Canada, keep in mind it will always be the model and type of car you wish to purchase and whether a new or second hand car and who is selling it that will ultimately determine just how much you end up paying of a car in Canada!

However, the average price of cars from the Volkswagen Group which includes cars that carry the badges of Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche is $39,203, and cards from General Motors which includes cars that carry the badges of Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet, GMC will cost on average $38,632.

You will also find cars from the Ford Motor which includes cars that carry the badges of Ford and Lincoln will cost on average $35,406, cars from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles which includes cars that carry the badges of Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram will cost on average $33,901.

If you are interested in buying a car from Toyota Motor which includes cars that carry the badges of Lexus, Scion and Toyota they will cost on average $30,463, and cars manufactured by Nissan North America which includes cars that carry the badges of Nissan and Infiniti will cost on average $27,767, up 2.4%.

A few other cars to consider buying include cars from American Honda which includes cars that carry the badges of Acura and Honda and they will cost on average $27,564, up 1.9%. But as mentioned above you should always shop around and compare prices as often many car dealerships will be prepared to haggle on the price of a new car sold by them!


There can be some value if you know where to look to buy a car in Canada, and as such first look up the specification of the car that you are thinking of buying, and then sp-end as much time as you require hunting around for the dealer that will give you the lowest price.

Also, keep in mind that it can often be the time that you look to buy a car in Canada that will make all of the difference in regards to the price, but always ensure the car is in good condition before you buy it and possibly take a mechanic with you if you are buying a second hand car!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no getting away from the fact that the cost of cars in Canada will fluctuate depending on of course just how swamped the market can be, and the art of buying a car is of course getting the lowest price for the best car currently for sale.

The following section will answer many questions relating to both living in Canada and also the rules of the road in Canada and as such if you do have any additional questions about Canada in general then please do read on as you may just find the answers you are looking for!

Where Will I Find Lots of Cars for Sale?

Local car dealers and also people looking to sell their cars locally can give you the best deals. We would therefore suggest that you take a look at the Le Journal de Montréal newspaper as by doing so you will find thanks to the very large circulation of that particular newspaper you can often find some excellent bargains to be had, and that is exactly what you should be always looking for of course!

Where are the Cheapest Places to Buy Cars in Canada?

It will often be in some of the less busy towns and cities where you can haggle out the best deals in regard sot the price you pay for a vehicle. As such you will be much better off looking at places that have a much lower population, and with that in mind a few places that are worth considering include North Vancouver, Welland, North Bay, Belleville and of course Mirabel as each of them have very a low number of people living there.

What is the Best Ways to Pay for a New Car?

You can of course pay with cash when you are buying a car or get a car loan and it is at a bank you will usually get the best and lowest interest rates. One of the biggest banks in Canada that you may be interested in using is the Bank of Montreal, once you do move to Canada you should be able to open up an account at your local branch fairly easily, however you will of course need to take all of the usual identification documents to prove your identity when opening up such an account.

What Else Should I Know About Canada?

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