How Does Canada Compare to the USA

In this guide we are going to be comparing many different aspects to living in both Canada and the USA and as such if you are thinking of moving from either of those countries to the other one then please do read on for you are bound to find some if not all of the information contained in this comparison guide of interest!

Let us start with letting you know about the currency of each country, the currency of Canada is the Canadian Dollar ($) (CAD) and the currency of the USA is the United States Dollar ($) (USD). In regards to the Government Cada has a Parliamentary democracy (federal constitutional monarchy) and the United States has a Federal presidential constitutional republic.

The official languages are in Canada, Canadian English and Canadian French and in the US they special American English in the majority. The telephone calling code is +1 for Canada and it is also +1 for the United States of America too.

The time zones in Canada are (UTC-3.5 to -8) and in the USA the time zones are (UTC−5 to −10). In regards to the Internet TLD in Canada they are .ca .gov and in the USA they are .us .gov .mil .edu.

The Capital City of Canada is Ottawa, Ontario and the Capital City of the United States of America is Washington, D.C. The Gross Domestic Product of Canada is $1.089 trillion and the Gross Domestic Product of the USA is $17.95 trillion.

Both Canadians and Americans drive on the right hand side of the road, and the largest city in Canada is Toronto and the largest city in the USA by way of population is New York City. The national them of Canada is God Save the Queen and in America it is the Star-Spangled Banner


If you live in the USA and want to move to Canada then you will of course need to make the necessary plans to apply to over there, however it is a decision that you should never take too lightly for there are going to be lots of different things to research!

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to move to Canada and much like the USA you will find there are plenty of different places you may be interested in moving to in Canada and there will of course be pros and cons of each individual Province.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is often the way of live that will force people to start to ask themselves how does Canada compare to the USA and it may be something that out have thought about recently, and may be about to start seriously looking into moving there.

If so if you do have any additional questions about moving to Canada from the US then please read on for we think you may find the following questions and answers section of our website of great interest and you may just find the answers that you are looking for below too!

Where is the Off the Beaten Track Places in Canada?

If you do want to go well off the beaten track so to speak on any up and coming trip or visit to Canada then one of the places we can highly recommend is the Banff National Park in Alberta. There is however lots of other National Parks in Canada that you can visit depending on just which part of the country you are visiting so do some research on each of them to find one local to where you are going.

I Want a Quite Place to Live Where Should I Move?

If you have made you mind up that you want to live in a quieter place in Canada and live a laid back lifestyle then there are a few places worth checking out. As such you will be much better off looking at places that have a much lower population, and with that in mind a few places that are worth considering include North Vancouver, Welland, North Bay, Belleville and of course Mirabel as each of them have very a low number of people living there.

What Else Should I Know About Canada?

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We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

How Can I Open a Canadian Bank Account?

Before you do open a bank account in Canada we would advise you to shop around as there are many different bank account types that you can open up and one of those non-standard accounts may be better suited to you. One of the biggest banks in Canada that you may be interested in using is the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, once you do move to Canada you should be able to open up an account at your local branch fairly easily, however you will of course need to take all of the usual identification documents to prove your identity when opening up such an account.