Most Common Boys and Girls Names in Canada

If you are about to have a baby or are planning on having a baby in the very near future then you will of course be planning lots of different aspects for when he or she comes along, however one very important thing you and your partner will have to decide is just what name to give your child!

If you are interested in finding out what the most popular boys and girls names are in Canada then please do read on for we are about to give you an insight into just which are the most popular children’s names in Canada at this moment in time.

Number one on the list is Liam for a boy and Emma for a girl, both are popular names however keep in mind you may also consider using a second name for your child so do think long and hard about choosing the second name!

The second most popular boys and girls names in Canada for newborns at the current moment in time are William for a boy and Olivia for a girl, we are fairly confident that William is popular due to Prince William in the UK and as such that may be a name you may be interested in calling your new child if he is indeed a boy!

The third most popular boys name is quite an unusual one if not a biblical one for that name is Noah  in regards to what is the third most popular girls name at the current moment in time that name is Charlotte.

Moving onto the four most popular bys name that name is currently Benjamin and the four most commonly chosen name for a baby girl at the moment is Sophia! Another popular boys name is Jacob and that is number five on the list of the most popular boys name in Canada and the fifth most popular girls name is Emily!

A few other names to consider are the sixth to tenth most popular names for newborns, starting with the boys and girls name are Logan and Chloe, Nathan and Ava, Oliver and Mia, Lucas and Abigail and finally Ethan and Amelia.


One thing that you will find in any country of the world is that names do tend to go in cycles, and a once unpopular name may suddenly once again become popular, however always do keep in mind that most if not all names do have a meaning.

There are plenty of different ways that you can pick the name of your child, however just keep in mind that your child is going to be stuck with the name you pick for them for the rest of their life, so always spend as much time as you need researching each name!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do hope you are enjoying this guide to the most common boys and girls names in Canada, however as is always the case when you are researching things out you may have several other questions you want to know the answers about and this final section of our guide to children’s names may help you answer those questions.

Below we have put together several different questions that are all related to boy’s names and girls names in Canada and we therefore suggest that you read on as any additional questions that you are looking for the answers to may just be answered below for you!

Which Parts of Canada Have the Highest Birth Rate?

The areas of Canada that have the highest birth rates are of course the towns, cites and provinces that have the highest population rates. As such the answer to that question is places such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary as they have by far and away the biggest populations of any cities that are in Canada, each city does however have plenty of visitor attractions if you are planning on visiting any of them.

What Canadian Customs and Traditions are there?

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Do I Have to Pay to Register a Child’s Name?

There are no fees or charges to be paid when you do legally name your child, and as such you will not have to pay anything to do so. If you are wondering how to move money around in Canada then you could consider using a credit card as that way you can check your balance from the safety of your own home and you will find plenty of venues that will accept them in every single city of town you decide to visit in Canada.

Are There Lots of Schools in Canada?

Canada has a first class educational system in place and as such it doesn’t matter where you decide to live or move to, if you have one or more children then you are always going to find a local school to register them at.