Most Played Sports in Canada

If you are one of our sporty website visitors then you may be interested to learn about the many different sporting activities that are played every single day in Canada, and as such we would suggest you read through the following guide to find out just which sporting activates are the ones that many people do take part in throughout Canada.

The current most popular sporting activity in Canada is Baseball and out will find plenty of both professional and amateur Baseball teams across Canada, and not just kids playing in that sport in their garden!

Another huge popular sport in Canada is of course Basketball, and there are lots of different leagues that do attract some huge crowds whenever two teams are playing each other, and as such you will always find plenty of matched be played if you are an avid fan of that sport.

One sporting activity that you may be surprised to learn is popular with Canadians is Cricket, however it is very much a season sport and as such you will only find it being played throughout the summer season, however it is always good to sit back and watch a cricket match in play.

There are some additional sports that you may be interested in taking part if you are planning on moving or visiting Canada and those sports that are also popular with Canadians include Curling, Lacrosse and of course Soccer!

When you think of Canada in regards to sport you will immediately often think of Ice Hockey and that is another popular sport but one that does take some brave souls to play it for it is one of the most dangerous sports you can play if you are not wearing protective gear that is!

There are four additional sports that are also very popular over in Canada and they include Rugby league, Rugby Union, Tennis and quite surprisingly Volleyball to!


What we think you should do is to first learn more about each sport in Canada if you are thinking of taking those sports up and then find out where local to you there is a club or group that regularly holds meeting and session whereby you can take part in that sport.

Keep in mind that as a sports player you do need to keep fit and healthy, and there are lots of special dishes and meals that Canadians can eat and he ingredients can be sourced locally and fresh that will keep your energy levels high when you are playing and taking part in your favourite sport!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do of course want this guide to be as informative and as educational as it can possibly be and with that in mind this final section of it is dedicated to answering any additional questions that you may have in regards to the most played sporting activities in Canada.

Keep in mind that some sports may just be seasonal and as such you will only be able to take part in them at certain time and seasons of the year however there are of course plenty of indoor sports in Canada that you can take part in at any time of the year!

Where Would You Recommend I visit in Canada?

Should you be seeking out somewhere absolutely stunning on up and coming trip or visit to Canada then one of the places we can highly recommend is the Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario. There is however lots of other National Parks in Canada that you can visit depending on just which part of the country you are visiting so do some research on each of them to find one local to where you are going.

How Do Most People Travel to Sporting Venus

The vast majority of people tend to use public transport to get to and from any sporting event in Canada as parking can be something of a nightmare at many venues if you do decide to take your own car! You will however find that there are plenty of bus and coach companies that you can make use of in every single city and town in Canada, and one worth using is Groupe Galland who do offer direct bus services to and from many different places in Canada and beyond.

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