Most Popular Retail Stores in Canada

This guide is going to be taking a look at the most popular retail stores and retail outlets as well as the most popular companies that are involved in retailing in Canada, and as such if that is something that does interest you then please do read on.

The most popular retail company in Canada is Loblaw Companies Ltd. The best description of this company is that they operate Hypermarkets/Supercenters/Superstores throughout Canada and many people are attracted to their stores due solely to their very low prices.

The second most popular stores in Canada are those that are owned and operated by Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. Those stores all fit into the Convenience/Forecourt Store market sector and as such a huge number of Canadians do visit them each day of the week.

Moving onto the third most popular retail outlets in Canada those are the ones that are owned and operated by the Empire Company Ltd. (Sobeys) and it is Supermarkets they operate throughout the land.

Another hugely popular store operating company is Metro Inc. In fact, it is supermarkets they own and operate and it is fairly true to say that no matter where you are in Canada you are not going to be too far away from one of their supermarkets!

The Shoppers Drug Mart Corp owns and operates Drug Stores and Pharmacies across Canada and it is often those stores that many Canadian residents and citizens will pay a visit to when they need any type of drugs and/or medications.


There has sadly been some large shop closures in Canada recently and as such the workforce who do work in retail always do have to keep their options open in regards to where they want to work and their long term career plans for even big box retailers can close stores at very short notice!

However, the opposite can also be said as some very large companies have been aggressively opening up new shops in Canada, and with that in mind if you do work in retail and fancy a change then do consider applying for jobs at those soon to be open stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do plan on having a shopping spree when visiting any part of Canada then you will of course have several additional questions reacting to the most popular retail stores in Canada and with that in mind we now present to you this final section of this guide that you will find of interest.

Below we have put together a range of questions relating to shopping in Canada that many people are seeking the answers to, and underneath each of the shopping in Canada related questions below you will of course find the respective answers to each of those questions!

Where Will I Find Lots of shops in Canada?

There will be shops and retail outlets all over Canada but the towns, cites and provinces that have the highest population will have the most. As such the answer to that question is places such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary as they have by far and away the biggest populations of any cities that are in Canada, each city does however have plenty of visitor attractions if you are planning on visiting any of them.

Do I Need to Buy TV Channel Subscriptions from Retail Outlets?

Whilst there are some free channels in Canada you may prefer to pay to view some channels that are specialist ones. You will find a wide selection of TV channels in Canada, whilst some of them broadcast in English some of them will also broadcast their output in French too, and you will also find a range of multi-lingual television channels, and with both free to air and paid to watch channels you will find more than enough of them to watch.

How Can I Find Out More About Canada?

There are lots of additional guides and articles that we just know you are going to find very interesting dotted around our website, and one that may just be of interest to you is our Canada’s Richest Business Men and Women article which we invite you to read through.

We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

Do all Areas of Canada Use Canadian Dollars?

As Canadian Dollars is of course the home currency of Canada then you will be best advised to ensure you have access to that currency if you are planning on visiting Canada soon. If you are wondering how to move money around in Canada then you could consider using a web or e-wallet such as PayPal as that way you can top them up from the safety of your own home and you will find plenty of venues that will accept them in every single city of town you decide to visit in Canada.

How Is the Best Way to Travel To Retail Outlets in Canada?

There are going to be plenty of ways that you can get to and from any retail outlet in Canada, most people will tend to go on foot or even use their own car. You will however find that there are plenty of bus and coach companies that you can make use of in every single city and town in Canada, and one worth using is Acadian Lines who do offer direct bus services to and from many different places in Canada and beyond.