Population of Canada and Canadian Provinces

The current population of Canada as the time of writing this guide is 36,597,642 and when you compare that to the entire population of planet earth you will discover that 0.49% of the world’s population currently lives and resides in Canada.

Beware though that due to the sheer size of Canada each Province is going to have a large or small share of that overall population, but collectively all told there are over 36 million people in Canada at this current moment in time

If you are wondering in what position Canada is in regards to the population of its land then it is currently the 38 the country in the world in regards to its current population. In regards to just how many people there are by way of population density that works out at four people per Km2, or 10 people per mi2!

As mentioned above Canada is a fairly large country and the total land area of Canada is a huge 9,071,595 Km2 which in miles works out at an impressive 3,502,561 sq. miles. In regards to how the population of Canada is spread out over the land 82.1 % of the population is urban places and as such 30,058,647 people do live in the more urban places throughout Canada

One final piece of information that you may be interested in learning about is the median age of the popular Canada and as such we are happy to let you know the median age of the population of Canada at the time of compiling this guide works out at some 40.8 years.


The Canadian Police Force if of course one that is always on the lookout for new officers and with an every growing population you may be consider moving their and apply for a new job once you arrive, if so then do consider a job in the police service which is what quite a number of ex-military people do.

There are of course many people who not only move to Canada but also leave the country each year and move to other countries, it is with that in mind you should check to see just which countries are going to be best suited to you if you are Canadian and want to move away to another country for whatever reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is of course an ever varying population of Canada and in all Canadian Provinces and as such what you should also keep in mind that there may be some seasonal variations also that can and will affect the movement of people to and from Canada and each individual Province too.

So if you are thinking of visiting Canada and want to visit at the quieter times of the year then do consider doing so, also if you do have any additional questions relating to that population then please do read on for below are the answers to many such questions.

Can I Learn More About Canadian Traditions?

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What is Canada’s Most Utilized Mode of Transport?

Many people and families in Canada have at least one car to get out and about, but you may be pleased to earn that Canada does also have a solid and robust public transport network too. You will however find that there are plenty of bus and coach companies that you can make use of in every single city and town in Canada, and one worth using is GO Transit who do offer direct bus services to and from many different places in Canada and beyond.

Can I Use a Bank Card Anywhere in Canada?

One thing that you may be wondering about is whether all bankcards can be used in shops or ATM’s in Canada and we are pleased to tell you all retail outlets, restaurants and ATM’s will accept all of the major debit or credit cards. If you are wondering how to move money around in Canada then you could consider using travellers checks as that way you can buy them before you visit Canada and you will find plenty of venues that will accept them in every single city of town you decide to visit in Canada.