Top Household Pets in Canada

There are a huge number of people who live and reside in Canada that own pets and if you are wondering just which are the most popular pets that people living in Canada have then please do read on.

However we do not think most of the pets you will find listed don this guide surprise you for they are very similar pets to the ones people keep and look after in many different parts of the world! But do read on and you never know you may get asked one of the following set of facts and figures in a pub quiz!

The most commonly pet that people own in Canada is a Cat, however the name of those cats can and do vary and there are some very unusually named cats roaming around the streets and homes of Canada!

The second most popular pet in Canada is a Dog                and there are as you would expect a huge range of different breeds of dogs that you will come across in Canada however many dog owners much prefer to won a medium to large sized dog in Canada!

There are plenty of other pets that are kept in homes throughout Canada as a while and one type of pet is the humble Fish! However, many people do tend to keep more than just one fish in their tanks and it is true to say many pet shops do sell a wide and very varied of unusual fish to their customers living and residing in Canada!

Some additional pets that people have been known to keep in large numbers in Canada include Small mammals, all manner of different types of Birds and you will also find people who own reptiles and  amphibians too and even horses in some instances!


There are of course some very unusual pets that people in Canada keep and look after, however you should always ensure that you are adhering to the laws of the land if you do intend on buying and then keeping some of the more exotic pets that are available these days!

There can be some hefty fines in Canada if you do not look after pets correctly and you could also find that if you are keeping an illegal pets out will also have that pet taken off you too and will also have to pay a hefty fine, so never fall foul of the law when selecting a pet to keep!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many different pets that you may wish to keep and not just the top household pets in Canada that you may be interested in having lots of different pest in your own home, but do make sure you have the space required to keep them and know how to look after them too.

This final section of this guide to popular pets kept by people in Canada is going to be answering a wide and very varied range of different questions that you may be looking for the answers to and as such please read on and digest the information we are about to reveal to you!

How Can I Find Out More About Canada?

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We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

Are Pets Expensive to Keep in Canada?

You are not going to have to pay a fortune to keep a pet in Canada, however what we would always advise you to do is to ensure that you do have enough space to keep the pet you want to keep and that you purchase any equipment required to allow that pet to have a good life before you actually take delivery of it. You will find that there are no shortages of pet shops in towns and cities across Canada and it will be worth paying a visit to such a venue for more information on keeping whichever pet you are thinking of getting!

Do I Have to Tidy Up After My Dog?

There are some very strict laws surrounding dogs fouling public spaces in Canada and as such what you should always make a point of doing if you intend to go outside with your dog is to ensure you have a couple of spare bags with you to tidy up after your dog.  If you allow your dog to foul the pavement or any public open spaces then you do risk being fined!

Can I Get a Pet from an Animal Charity?

The very first port of call if you are thinking of getting a household pet should be an animal charity or animal rescue centre, for you will always find such places do have a large array of different animals all of which are looking for a new home. Whilst those animals will often be given to good homes for free do consider making a small or large donation if you do visit such a venue!