Urban Myths about Canada

This section of our ever growing website is going to be introducing you to several myths and legends surrounding Canada, and as such you may just find it a very interesting read, so please do exactly that and read on to find out more.

The first legend in Canada is The Cave Monster, and as such many children have become petrified of actually visiting or going anywhere near caves as they are convinced there is some form of monster hiding within them!

Another myth about Canada is the Lady in Red in Lower Bay Station, this is an abandoned train station but one that is said to be haunted, by you guessed it, a Lady Dressed in Red! However, there has been no concrete proof that she does of course exist and many people have taken fake picture proclaiming to be of that ghostly woman!

Another myth that surprisingly a lot of people do believe is true is that there is an Alien Base at Lake Ontario, and it is said, although it has never been proved that aliens do regularly visit that Lake for reasons no one seems to yet know!

One final urban legend and myth is the Legend of Gibraltar Point Lighthouse which to cut a very long and drawn out story short surrounds the death of a lighthouse keeper, however nobody was ever found and it is believe if he was murdered it was for watering down whiskey he serves to locals and passing sailors alike!


It is always amusing to read up on some of the myths surrounding Canada and then finding out how those myths originated and that may be something you are doing now, and if so do watch the following video as it may put  a smile on your face!

Some urban legends in Canada are steeped in history and even the most farfetched ones will stick in people’s minds and many people will continue to think that they are true even though they are way too farfetched and ay too unbelievable to be true!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do hope you have enjoyed reading through this guide to some of the more unusual urban myths about Canada and do also take a good look round our website as we do have plenty of additional articles and guides about Canada that you may find of interest!

If you have any questions about urban myths and legends in Canada then please read on for in this final section of this guide we are going to be answering a range of questions relating to Canada that you may just find of interest!

How Should I Visit Place Steeped in Legends?

If you do fancy paying a visit to any part of Canada that has legends or urban myths surrounding them then you can of course get to those places by car! You will however find that there are plenty of bus and coach companies that you can make use of in every single city and town in Canada, and one worth using is Coach Canada who do offer direct bus services to and from many different places in Canada and beyond.

Can I Learn More About Canadian Traditions?

There are lots of additional guides and articles that we just know you are going to find very interesting dotted around our website, and one that may just be of interest to you is our Busiest Cities in Canada article which we invite you to read through.

We also have lots of videos that you are invited to watch as you look round our website that will give you plenty of additional information if you do intend to pay a visit to Canada or simply want to know more about what Canada has to offer you so do please take a good look around.

Who will know about Myths and Legends?

I you do pay  visit to any town or city that you may have never visited before and you want more information on any myths and legends in those places then consider visiting a local library as the books in those venues or even the staff are going to know about any myths and legends! However some towns and cities will also have tour guides and it may be beneficial for you to sign up to go on a tour of the town or city to learn more about them!

Do All Provinces Have Tourist Information Centres?

As Canada does get millions of tourists visiting each year one thing you are going to find in all provinces in Canada is a tourist information centre, and it will always be beneficial for you o visit such a venue to learn more about all of the major attractions and also any places of interest that out may also fancy visiting too!

What is the Rail Network Like in Canada?

Whist you may be best advised to hire a car if you are planning on visiting lots of different places that have myths and legends surrounding them in Canada you will also find that you do have plenty of other ways to get out and about and to visit those venues. One thing you will be pleased to hear is that the public transport network in Canada is a first rate one so you will find an excellent rail system in place a well as a very good bus and coach network too!